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RC4 certified safety apartment door for interior use available in Standard sizes, exact dimensions or even under or oversized.

  • Safety door leaf made from 1,1mm galvanized steel sheet, with vertical and horizontal reinforcement

  • Galvanized doorframe, closed type made from 2 * 1,5 mm steel

  • 15-point locking mechanism

  • Safety lock "Securemme" with security cylinder K2 Defender

  • Built in door catch

  • Adjustable heavy duty hinges

  • Aluminum fitting set

  • Double seal on the door leaf and the frame

  • Automatic wind stop

  • Panoramic peephole

  • Smooth laminate lining inside, outside and for the frame in color and structure "Anigre"



Basic Security !

Safety lock cylinder with site key system, which allows the use of the site key during installation work. When work is completed 5 Masterkeys are handed over to the owner in a sealed package. As soon as one of these master keys is used in the lock cylinder the lock code is changed and this disables the site key.

Extra keys can be ordered only when the lock identity card is presented.

  • Security cylinder with 10 balls (pins)

  • Features reversible security key

  • 5 keys with plastic head in a sealed package

  • 30th CAM DIN mechanism

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