About us

The idea for this shop was born out of necessity.


Due to the increase of burglaries, especially during the past year, we decided that we wanted to upgrade our entrance door with a safer one. It should be at least a category RC3.

Unfortunately there are not too many on offer. Either these are non-certified doors usually made in the far-east, or the prices were way out of reach.


We already have long standing relations to the south European markets, where high security doors are not a luxury article but actually quite common. Thus, we decided to make them available to the north European markets.


We are pleased to offer you certified RC4 category doors – at a price of a usual RC2 or maybe RC3 door. Please check our offering against the competition!


We would be happy to welcome you as another satisfied customer.


Thank you for visiting our website,


your Tür&Klinke Team