Automatic mechanical locking system

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Never forgets to lock your door ... so that you and your family can be home safe and worry-free.

The innovative AUTOLOCK mechanism:

It is a mechanism which always and automatically locks the front door without the use of a key - when entering, as well as when leaving your home.


Never again wonder whether you have actually locked up. Never again leave the door unlocked when you „just run to the mailbox”. Never again lay awake in bed pondering wether the door is locked.


From inside the house cancelling the automatic locking mechanism is as simple as pressing the door handle - you won't even notice anything. From the outside you use your usual housekey.

The AUTOLOCK benefits at a glance:

  • Never forgets to lock your door.
  • From the inside, automatically unlock with easier actuation of the door handle.
  • From the outside unlock using your normal key.
  • Does not replace the normal security door lock, but works in parallel.
  • Since the door is always locked, no questions of insurance coverage.
  • No issues of dead batteries, since this is a 100% mechanical system.
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